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Class of 1967 Contacts: Pam Jones Stucker, Beth Edwards Sanson, and Pam Barnhart Garnett

Class Officers: President Patty Faubion, Vice President Ellen Austin, Secretary-Treasurer Jay Simmons, Sponsor Miss Wall

Homecoming Queen: Suzanne Older (Royalty: Jr. Attendants Marsha Phillips and Audrey Thompson, Sophomore Attendants Jocelyn Churchill and Lana Brown, Freshman Attendant Janan Jones, Senior Princess Judy Spence and Linda Miller)

Cresset King & Queen: Tom Frazier and Connie Tietjens (Attendants: Debbie Cooper Freshman, Carolyn Hapes Senior, and Janet Dupy Sophomore)

Barnwarming King & Queen: Bill Snyder and Audrey Thompson

Miss Phy-Chem: Mary Templeman

Student Body President: Jack Rucker

Superintendent of Schools: Raymond E. Houston

CHS Principal: George P. Newbolt

Basketball: 11-4 (losses to Trenton, Marshall, Macon, and Kirksville), Christian Brothers Tournament 1-1 (loss to Central), CHS Tournament 2-1 (loss to Marshall), St. Joseph Regional Tournament 0-2 (losses to Excelsior Springs and Central)

Football: 8-1 (loss to Trenton)

Class Motto: "Not included in Cresset"

Maxi Reunion Photos
(click on each photo to see a closer view and caption)

Maxi I
Sept. 3, 2005
Maxi II
Sept. 4, 2010
Maxi III
Sept. 5, 2015
Maxi IV
Oct. 3, 2020
Photo by
Murphy's Photography
Photo by
Bailey Studio

In Memoriam: Paul Beever (04/30/14); Linda Boles; Nancy (Broyles) Richey (01/02/14), Bob Carter, James Cook, Carl Cooper, Cecil R. Douglas (01/29/2021); Mary Jo (Faubion) Heisterberg (04/15/14), Donald Graves, James Dwight Greener (8/20/16), Ron Herring, Merle "Junior" Hess (02/07/13), Donnie Hicks, Jim Lightner (02/27/13), Mike Mayberry, Tom Moler, Carl Moore, Sherry Ralls, Dale Dean Riggle (08/29/13), Loy Robbins, Danny Sallee, Jimmy Earl Souders (12/27/2021), Richard Stapleton, Fred White

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